Yes!!! Time to sparkle this month.  Of course, one of my favorite hobbies.    What a way to bring in the new year.  We’re leaving a dark and dull 2020 to a bright & twinkling 2021! Flirtin’s inspo this month is a pink diamond.  I feel like this gem was made for Flirtin’. The bigger the diamond, the more its value.  This fancy colored diamond is flawlessly mirrored in  a fairytale pink and 24 karat gold glitter shade accented with large party gold metallic glitters perfect to start the new year and lead into Valentine’s. This dreamy color shifts between a baby pink and champagne pink because of the gold flex in every bottle. 

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Polish:  Girly Girl’s Best Friend  

Price:  $11.50

Cap:  100


Available:  Jan. 1-4 only 

Size:  0.5 oz./15 ml. 

Formula:  5-Free/Glitter