Flirtin's 2020 Spring Collection! Shipping starts 5/19/20.


We are delighted and proud to announce the launch of, "Paris in the Springtime", a bouquet of 4 nail glam lacquers that are exclusive and flirtatious!

Welcome to Flirtin's, 2020 Paris in the Springtime. Enjoy the soft pastels of spring. Paris’ fresh spring weather and its fragrant gardens in full bloom make for the perfect scene to indulge in its incomparable outdoor pleasures. Sandwiched between the chill of winter and the crowds of summer, Paris in the springtime is when the city bursts with new life across its parks, gardens, street markets and café terraces.  This collection captures sprinkles of Parisian pleasures; pastel blossoms, lush green parks, a dash of romance, and Easter celebrations.  

Shake off the winter torpor with this cultural collection of 4 nail lacquers which play on the season’s outside and dreamy splendor by captivating; imagination, infamous cherry blossoms, lime trees, and rose gardens. This collection is only small in size. It is packed with shift and shimmer.


Flirts know how to amuse, toy, seduce and play, with finesse and style.  Flirtin' polishes live up to that "temptress" reputation.  We believe your nails should be the center of attention and inspire attraction.  Our colors whisper, "Come and Get It".  If you have any questions, please contact customersupport@flirtincosmetics.com.