Flirtin's 2019.20 Winter Collection! Shipping starts 2/26/20.


We are excited to introduce Flirtin's Winter Nail Collection Launch. We are delighted and proud to announce the release of our Third Winter Collection, "Sweeter the Berry", a blend of nail glam lacquers that are exclusive and flirtatious!

Welcome to Flirtin's "2019.20 Winter “Sweeter the Berry" Collection. What's lovelier than a large bowl of fresh picked fruit, fragrant and glistening? I'll tell you. The handful of Flirtin's 2019.20 Winter Collection "Sweeter the Berry" Collection. Growing your own fresh fruits and berries is as simple as it is rewarding. Home gardens yield bright, flavorful, and sweet superfruits. We have handpicked a colorful array of tones to complement and rival some of the sweetest berries known to be popular crowd pleasers. This delicious tart yet sweet berry collection includes deep, romantic, and mouthwatering shades. These shades scream, "Pick me". You will not be able to just pick one, they're just too good. This collection is a cluster of fresh, delicious, and versatile shades perfect for the winter season and occasions.

The collection includes 4 nail lacquers. There is a sweet balance to the entire collection! This collection includes an Exclusive Valentine's Day polish which will only be available for this season. Who doesn't like to mix their berries? Perfect sweet treat for berry lovers! When you offer a variety, it creates visual interest to your admirers. Be sure to tell them, they can look but not touch Remind those berry pickers that you are just like a berry and you spoil quickly but are worth the wait.


Flirts know how to amuse, toy, seduce and play, with finesse and style.  Flirtin' polishes live up to that "temptress" reputation.  We believe your nails should be the center of attention and inspire attraction.  Our colors whisper, "Come and Get It".  If you have any questions, please contact customersupport@flirtincosmetics.com.