Flirtin's 2019 Fall Collection! Shipping starts 9/26/19.


We are excited to launch Flirtin's Fall Naturally Yours Collection. We are delighted and proud to announce the launch of our Third Fall Collection, "Naturally Yours", a blend of nail glam lacquers that are exclusive and flirtatious!

Welcome to Flirtin's "2019 Fall “Naturally Yours Collection". Enjoy the natural Earth tones of Fall. Fall is the best season to fall in love. The season has come to snuggle up in a blanket with your loved one by a fire, cozy up together, while sipping apple cider before a night of Netflix. The apple picking, pumpkin patches, haunted houses, and hay rides, make fall date nights simply the best of all seasons. Fall is fun, easygoing, and playful. It is the season where you finally appreciate natural beauty. This warm collection has 6 nail lacquers which play on the season’s chocolate browns, reddish clays, sandy tans and forest greens to create impactful hues which create earthy color ways packed with glimmer and shimmer. It’s time to go nuts and be pumpkin spice crazy over someone special. Yes…Flirtin’ is a romantic comfort …so "Come & Get It".


Flirts know how to amuse, toy, seduce and play, with finesse and style.  Flirtin' polishes live up to that "temptress" reputation.  We believe your nails should be the center of attention and inspire attraction.  Our colors whisper, "Come and Get It".  If you have any questions, please contact customersupport@flirtincosmetics.com.