Flirtin's 2017 A Woman's Winter Wish Collection! Shipping starts 12/22/17.  We are excited to launch our second winter collection, a crackling & cozy gift basket of 6 glam nail lacquers which are fun & flirtatious. 


 Every woman deserves to have her every wish granted after being a full-time diva all year long. What surprises will Santa bring this year? Whatever you want. This winter is all about YOU. Start making your wish list, don't forget to add lots of glitter to the list. It's essential. It's time for you to think of those things which best represent you and celebrate your unique gifts and dreams. Flirtin's 2017 A Woman's Winter Wish collection captures warmth of winter's hug. This collection proves it's time for Santa to listen up and saddle up with its cozy colors, blanket layers, and fun glitter effects. Prepare for a winter overcoat of 6 fireside pairings. Stockings are being hung, so "Come & Get It". The collection includes 6 nail lacquers.


Flirts know how to amuse, toy, seduce and play, with finesse and style.  Flirtin' polishes live up to that "temptress" reputation.  We believe your nail polish should be the center of attention and inspire attraction.  Our colors whisper, "Come and Get It".  If you have any questions, please contact customersupport@flirtincosmetics.com.